Outsourcing is healthy for your company. It is prescribed by business experts to alleviate your stress and give you the extra energy to keep-up with or outrun your competition.

If you believe that making use of your time more wisely and cutting your cost are the basic factors to being competitive, then we are your solution. Run your business by working smart not hard. This can be accomplished by outsourcing or delegating your operational details to an able contractor like NAPAR Contracting & Allied Services, Inc. (NCAS, Inc.).

Relax during the day and sleep well at night knowing that your work can be done for you 24/7. Concentrate on your core businesses and enhance your position in the marketplace. Power your business with the best team at NCAS, Inc.

SAVE MONEY! By switching from traditional Western-based staff to offshore staff leasing, you can potentially cut your payroll by 70% or more. Or, you can exponentially increase the output of your staff by hiring more employees without raising your staff costs. Your new offshore staff is as good, or better, than any local staff, and at a fraction of the salary costs. See for yourself how our simplified pricing will instantly increase the bottom line of your business.

Our Services

Image 1 IT Services/ Software Development Software Dev't / Sustaining, Web Development, Project Management, Software Quality Assurance, Technical Writing & Graphics Design, & Technical Support
Image 2 Contact Center Voice and Non-Voice, Inbound and Outbound, Technical or Customer Oriented Support, & Sales or Marketing Oriented Campaigns
Image 3 Management Sevices/ Back Office Support Manpower Services, Office Management, Office Management, Billing & Collection, Purchasing, Payroll , & Other Business Processes

There is no job too small or too big for us.

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