Contact Center

Pay Per Hour Program

  • program where center is paid per hour per agent. This is best for inbound customer service or technical support, and whenever client’s goal is more of quality than quantity.

Pay Per Call

  • program where center is paid for every call we receive. Normally however, we are paid a guaranteed minimum calls per day.

Pay Per Performance

  • usually used for outbound sales or telemarketing related campaigns, where center is paid commission for every sale, survey, lead generated, appointments set, etc.


  • a win-win proposition for both the center and the client, where the center is paid a fixed amount per hour or month, plus commission for every sale made. This is perfect when a client understands that quality and quantity can be achieved simultaneously. By having such arrangement, attrition rate is much lower and fully-trained and effective call center agents are maintained.
"Allow us to underscore that NCAS, Inc. can tailor its outsourcing engagements
keeping in mind the needs and budget of the client. Please feel free to discuss any other business models that will suit you."