Aptly named, our HRMS (Human Resource Management System), will make HR management a “snap.” By automating the repetitive and time-consuming tasks, focus can shift from paperwork to “culture, retention, and other activities that will have great impact to your employees.”

This software is not just a database for employee information, but a management system that ensures no HR process is overlooked and that HR team will be notified of important tasks and dates.

Main Features of HR-Snap

Employee Information System – easy access of employee data, including all history such as VL, SL, employment status, memos, etc.

Daily Time Recorder – integrate with TRAiL, WorkMate, MyTracks and Biometric System and be awed by “real-time reporting” of INs and OUTs. Know who is late and absent (real-time) so you can make immediate action if necessary. The system will track AWOL, habitual tardiness and absenteeism and query you if memo issuance is required.

Payroll System & Benefits Administration:

  1. Automatic computation of the hours worked based on the IN and OUT data captured from the recorder;
  2. Automatic computation of salaries and deductions such as SSS, Phealth, Pag-ibig and Withholding Taxes, Loans, etc.;
  3. Printing of Payroll Reports and Payslips;
  4. Automatic upload of payroll to ATM system, if bank will allow.
  5. Printing of monthly remittance reports for SSS, Phealth, Pag-ibig contributions and Income Taxes withheld;
  6. Printing of report for Alpha List BIR form 1604
  7. 13th month Pay report

Calendar and Notifications – will prompt you of important task or dates, such as a) employee anniversaries, b) performance evaluations, c) end of contract, project employment or probationary period d) notices for due process, etc.

On-line Application and Applicant Module – applicants will be able to apply on-line and the hiring process from scheduling of interviews to examinations will be automated.

Billing(optional) – for companies who bill clients based on hours or days worked.

How to avail?:

This system is available on a subscription basis or one time investment. Please contact us (from 9am to 5pm) or email us with your intention to subscribe. Please do not forget to put your contact information so we can call you if needed.

We can also do product demonstration via Skype or visit your office for a detailed discussion.