MyTracks is a GPS Tracker for your vehicles and/or field personnel, that will increase productivity and reduce your cost. This will monitor location, routes, trips taken and speed, from the time system is turned on until the time it is turned off. This can also work as a Daily Time Recorder and be integrated with our HR Snap.


To track the whereabouts of your vehicles, field employees and loved ones at a minimal cost.

How does MyTracks work?

Depending on your needs or application, we have different versions for you to choose from:

Mobile to Mobile - mobile app will be installed to the phone of the person to be tracked, which can be activated whenever that person wants to be located. Once activated and until deactivated, location will be sent continuously (on a preset interval) to the mobile phone of the registered receiver via SMS. The receiver can then open the message and view the location using google maps.

Mobile to Web – same as mobile to mobile, only this time, data is sent to our web platform where you can view from anywhere in the world by using your login credentials. Furthermore, our web platform will show you the complete route, actual location and speed of whatever or whoever you are tracking.

Device to Web – same as mobile to web, except a device with the installed app will be used instead of a mobile phone.

How to avail?:

This system is available on a subscription basis. Please contact us (from 9am to 5pm) or email us with your intention to subscribe. Please do not forget to put your contact information so we can call you if needed.

We can also do product demonstration via Skype or visit your office for a detailed discussion.