Why Choose Philippines?

If you are one of the companies who has already outsourced to India and still contemplating on expanding operations, it’s high time you divert your attention to the Philippines, “the world’s best offshore alternative to India,” according to Stephanie Moore, VP of Giga Information group. For a large operation, it is advisable to have mirror locations. This will minimize your risk by not putting all your eggs in one basket.

If you are one of the companies who is not yet decided where to go, then let the experts tell you why you should choose Philippines:

    Philippines has a literacy rate of 94%. It was ranked 3 rd (after US and Chile) in Knowledge and Information based jobs, by the META Group (a U.S.-based research group) in their 2002 Global Technology Index.

    According to Marty McCaffrey, in an article written by Todd Jatras for Forbes Magazine, India will likely face troubles ramping up to the projected 2008 level.

    According to the article, quality may suffer, since India may reach the crisis point of not being able to produce the needed highly-skilled software engineers. Other countries would love to pick up the slack, but Philippines seemed to be the next best choice, for two main reasons: 1) being a former American colony, its emulation of the Western culture and its great command of the English language has proven to be very appealing to American firms, and 2) it was ranked 2nd (next to India) with highly trained professionals.

    Philippines is producing approximately 380,000 college graduates per year, 70,000 of which are in the IT/Computer Sciences/Engineering fields and 100,000 in the Commerce/Business-related fields, according to H.E. Ambassador Minerva Jean A. Falcon during the May 24, 2004 Frankfurt,Germany Conference in “Offshore Outsourcing.”

    Philippines is strategically located in Asia. The country is reachable within 3 to 4 hours by plane from key cities in Asia. On top of that, the Philippines is also a regional hub for logistics with the presence of FEDEX, UPS, etc, by METROPOLITAN Computer Times ( Dec 31, 2003 issue).

    Philippine BPO capabilities are at par with global standards and would become a good location for companies looking to outsource, according to Atul Vashistha, CEO of US-based offshore sourcing advisory firm neoIT.

    Telecommunications, a vital infrastructure in Outsourcing, is available and hi-tech. “Broadband telecommunication access in the Philippines is abundant and reliable through close to ten different internationally backed telco providers and ISP’s. Telecommunications carriers can easily deploy high speed access connections straight to the internet backbone or point to point locations across the world,” according to RSA Teleservices, Inc. a Canadian-based corporation.