Why Outsource?

As defined by Philippine law, Job Contracting / Outsourcing refers to an arrangement whereby a principal or client agrees to farm out with a contractor the performance or completion of a specific job, work or service. This is normally done when principals find it more convenient and cost-effective (usually up to 70% less) to go with a contractor than perform the work themselves, especially if it would mean not having to expand their facilities to accommodate the required manpower. Furthermore, since the contractor under its own account will perform the job or contract, the principals are indemnified from any liabilities, claims or legal action the contractor may incur during the performance of the contract.

Finally, principals get to enjoy a worry-free operation knowing that there is no employer-employee relationship between them and the employees of the contractor, hence no HR related work and risks, no matter how many employees are required for the desired operation.

This is how NAPAR Contracting & Allied Services (NCAS), Inc. has grown through the years. More and more firms get to realize that to stay competitive, doing "smart business" is better than simply "working harder." By outsourcing, they are able to focus on more important and pressing matters, and delegate the hassles and details to us.

" Taking worries off your business... is our business!!! "
NAPAR Contracting & Allied Services, Inc.'s slogan, had been a familiar phrase in the industry, and had earned the firm Service Agreements to employ over 1,000 workers and professionals.