If you need an effective REMOTE MONITORING SOFTWARE for your “work from home” program & virtual / satellite offices, or you simply want to increase office productivity, then WorkMate is perfect for you.

WorkMate is an employee time-tracking software that helps you and your team get a lot more done each day. While using PC and user is logged-in, software will monitor websites, applications and screens being used. Software also has tasking and project management capabilities to make sure that team is on track and very less distracted. The “advance time use analytics” will render obsolete the tedious and inaccurate manual way of making Daily Accomplishment Reports.

Employees who are serious with work and dread working with co-workers who slack-off, will definitely appreciate WorkMate to be used in the office. This software can also be integrated with our HR-Snap.


For use by personnel working in the office or at home. Especially for those who would be using computers most of the time

For companies who want to know how their employees spend their day.

For companies who wish to provide their staff a “work buddy” to help them organize, manage time, avoid distractions and be productive.

How does it work?

WorkMate will be installed to desktops or laptops of users. To maximize its features, information such as Permanent Tasks and deadlines, Project Schedules, Productive and Unproductive apps and websites, among others, will be requested for entry. Basically, data will be customized for each individual or user.

Users can then use their PC to log in and out for the DTR feature. While logged-in, system will track the applications and websites being used. Notification will be sent to manager once user goes to sites or apps that are considered unproductive.

Depending on the interval set by client, system will take screenshots and store in our database for ready access. Also, every time PC is idle for a period of time set by client, for example no keyboard or mouse action, system will gently nudge user and ask if user is working. If no reply is done, system will mark user as “on break.”

During Project Management meetings, client can use our provided template, where assignments or tasks can be entered and automatically posted to assigned persons’ calendar and task panel.

Detailed reports for manager’s analysis will be provided showing total hours worked, time spent on tasks, websites and apps, and a lot more.

How to avail?:

This system is available on a subscription basis. Please contact us (from 9am to 5pm) or email us with your intention to subscribe. Please do not forget to put your contact information so we can call you if needed.

We can also do product demonstration via Skype or visit your office for a detailed discussion.