IT Services

Per Project Basis

  • fixed contract amount per project.
  • amount based on the projected man hours to finish the project.
  • once accepted, amount is still payable in case of project termination.

Long Term Contract

    (Per Head/ Month Billing)
  • this entails having a person or team to work or do tasks exclusively for your company.
  • like having a satellite office without the headache and at a fraction of the cost.
  • will be billed flat rate per person per month.
  • can put up a team with different skills / qualifications, such as:
    • Development Manager
    • Sr. Developer or Project Lead
    • Programmer
    • QA Engineer
    • Tech Writer
    • Tech Support
    • others
   Other Benefits:
  • cheaper per hour than the “per project basis;”
  • cheaper and faster delivery for product enhancements, due to the dedicated team’s familiarity already of the product;
  • no time wasted on price negotiations for every project, every additional feature or enhancement;
  • shorter schedules with higher rate of completion on time, since dedicated and no other projects being handled;
  • projects can be started immediately – not queued or waiting for available team;
  • client is given room for mistakes or priority changes, etc.

   This arrangement is perfect for companies who;
  • wish to have a dedicated team to do continuous R&D;
  • require continuous development or enhancements to support client request/s;
  • can maximize the service of each personnel we will hire;
  • want to have a support/development team available anytime to do even the small tasks, and
  • want to lower development cost up to 70%.