Sales Management System (SMS) is a comprehensive sales management tool and the only one of its kind, that will effectively increase sales activities to ensure higher success rate of landing deals. Inspired from billionaires advocationg discipline as one trait universal to successful people, SMS should be appreciated not just by the company, but also by sales people who want to excel. SMS is not just a tool to help marketing and sales team manage their funnels and pipelines effectively, but also a system that encourages discipline and focus.

SMS is integrated with TRAiL, a mobile application that sends date, time and location when used to log in or log out during field works. Click here for TRAiL details.

SMS helps to ensure productivity by effectively managing pipeline from qualifying leads to closing deals. It has a planner to effectively manage tasks no matter how many accounts are being handled. The comprehensive reports and data analytics will assist the company to qualify team members as being above, at par or below the target performance level.

Full disclosure of data by the sales team is mandatory for this system. Then SMS ensures that documents and important data such as contacts and status of all accounts are intact and can’t be simply deleted. Thus, allowing companies to retain hard-to-collect data and prevent disruption of sales activities in case of succession or replacement of personnel.

*System Requirements: Android 5 and Up with GPS
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