TRAiL is a Daily Time Recorder System for field employees. It is probably the only system that records the time and location of your staff, by simply sending an SMS using our mobile app. Hence, no more worrying if they are where they should be at the right time.

The only requirement is our mobile app that you need to install in any smartphone with GPS. It is like having a Time Recorder device that your employees can bring with them, anywhere they go.

Once installed and once your company account is activated, your field employee will use the app to log in and out at the intended or assigned location. Once IN or OUT button is pressed, the time and location of the employee will be captured by our server and logged in your company database. You or your authorized representative at any given time and anywhere in the world, can view or print the Daily Time Record. IT'S THAT EASY AND SIMPLE !!!

Email us now with your name and contact number and our representative will give you a call as soon as possible.

*System Requirements: Android 5 and Up with GPS
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